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Please fill out one form for each day of rental

New User Registration Instructions 

- After selecting "Click Here for Rental Form", an additional internet browser tab will open.

- This will bring you to the Crestview Local FMX login page where you can log in if you're an existing user or create an account if you're a new user (required for rental).

- If you're a new user, select "Need an account?" towards the bottom of the page

- A new page will open where you can register your organization's information (Please take note of your password upon registering)

- After registering you will now be able to submit a rental form by either selecting "New Request" near the top right of the page or by selecting a date on the calendar.

New User Rental Form Instructions 

- When filling out a new schedule request (rental form), from the "Request Type" drop down menu, select "PAC Event (Organization Rental)"

- From the "Building" drop down menu, select "PAC Organization Rental (pick only one resource)


- From the "Resources" drop down menu, select "PAC Full"


- After entering the time/date, please don't select the "Repeats" option, a rental form must be fill out separately for each day.


- Then fill the remaining information and submit!  



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